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2 October 2003 / erikduval

The future of the Web (timBL)

Tim Berners-Lee gave a lecture for the Royal Society on Sept. 22. Video and slides are available.

Tim starts with some interesting remarks on the universality idea (in a technical, social and cultural sense) that drives much of his work on the web. He then proceeds with an account of how the Web started. He then focuses on the difference between data (for software) and documents (for humans), which leads nicely to … the semantic web. His discussion of the semantic web focuses heavily on the role of concepts and ontologies as focal points for interconnecting different applications. He wraps up with some general remarks on the web development community – the youngest person on the RDF committy turned out to be 12 when they had their first physical meeting!

Among the challenges: “standardization” 🙂 … Hey, that sounds familiar!

Nothing terribly new here for those who follow the ideas and technologies and nothing I would strongly disagree with – but always nice to hear it from one of the people in the centre of it all, and nice to see that Tim Berners-Lee still displays a convinced kind of enthousiasm.

On form rather than content: funny it doesn’t seem to be mentioned anywhere on this web site that this talk lasts almost 2 hours. And it would be nice to be able to browse the slides and keep the video synchronized.


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