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3 November 2003 / erikduval

TechLearn (3): Tommy Franks

General Tommy Franks, a keynote speaker that required additional security for entering the room and “men in black” at the side of the room. A speaker that mentioned he knew there were some international people in the audience, and then said that he didn’t want to talk about the French. For a second, I had the distinct feeling that he would talk about the Belgians instead…

Franks emphasized that transformation is more important than technology: effectiveness and efficiency are key. Adaptability is the other issue: the plans never survive the beginning of the real operations.

He seemed to think that the educational system in the USA is so great that the country has a task to teach the rest of the world how to think – he did make a point of mentioning, not what, but how to think, but, combined with his patriotic praise of the men in uniform, it made me quite uncomfortable – I guess my Belgian roots are difficult to ignore šŸ™‚ …

Elliot asked good questions, but the answers were more political speeches than real answers. Franks did argue strongly about the importance of discussion, collaboration, etc. rather than “yes sir” people. I did relate to that part.

The one thing Franks emphasized in all he had learned over the years? The importance of curiosity, and being active,rather than reactive. I agree with the curiosity part, I am not so strong all of the actions are always that positive…


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