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5 November 2003 / erikduval

TechLearn (?): Bob Pike

TechLearn is wrapping up…

Bob Pike was interviewed by Elliot. First point he made was that trainers should act more as doctors: rather than just delivering the requested training, they should ask about the big picture and ty to be good stewards of the organisation resources. That will make training a corporate asset, rather than a corporate drain. It will help trainers focus on making a difference. (I can relate to that!)

Traditionally, trainers get that feedback on an individual level – you can see it in their eyes – but more emphasis needs to be put on the effect it has on the organisation as well.

Bob Pike explained that one reason training lacks respect is that trainers themselves do not think they make a difference: the “power of one” is what Pike calls our ability to have an impact -directly or indirectly- on millions (see Hellen Keller‘s teacher). When Pike talks about these things, he speaks very softly, the room goes very silent: he is a GREAT storyteller!

Elliot asked Bob about how one can keep the tenderness in a context that is not necessarily that tender. Pike mentioned that he suggests people to write down what they think they value most and that they should then compare that against their cheque book and calendar of the past year…

In closing, Bob mentioned the importance of social relationships: about 75% of adults prefer to learn together with others, rather than alone! We need to bring that aspect into elearning to really make it happen!


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