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20 November 2003 / erikduval

Ariadne Conference (2)

Vladan talked about web intelligence and education. He started with a reference to the “good old AI” research community and then explained that “Web Intelligence” is not AI on the web: it focuses on deep understanding, agents and ontologies. On the latter theme: they provide structure, but do not include reasoning.

Vladan referred to Mizoguchi lab and Aroyo‘s model.

A service based architecture would enable an open infrastructure for agents, ontologies provide the semantic interoperability. Vladan admitted being somewhat confused about the current state of standardization in the field. (I think that the notion of “application profiles” would take away most of his confusion…)

I strongly agree with Vladan’s insisting on the importance of evaluation! Feedback loops in R&D, especially in our field, is extremely important!


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