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3 February 2004 / erikduval

ProLearn Network of Excellence starts work on Learning Objects, Metadata and Interoperability

At the Learntec 2004 conference, the ProLearn Network of Excellence will have its first public meeting, thys marking the launch of, among many other interesting initiatives, new work on “metadata, learning objects and interoperability”…

There is in fact a lot of activity in R&D around learning objects, metadata and standards for learning at this moment. In a corporate context, initiatives by companies like CISCO and Macromedia have received a lot of press coverage. In a more academic context, numerous learning object repositories (ARIADNE, MERLOT, EDUCANEXT, EduSplash, etc.) have been developed and associated tools and methodologies for authoring, finding, and deploying learning objects have been investigated. There is however a lack of critical mass, partly caused by interoperability problems between often somewhat isolated initiatives that suffer from the ‘not-invented-here’-syndrome, and partly by an all too trivial interpretation of the underlying concepts of learning objects and metadata

The ProLearn initiative seeks to advance the state of the art on learning objects, metadata and interoperability. To that effect, it will develop an infrastructure that supports semi-automatic generation of Learning Object Metadata.

Moreover, we will draft, publish, disseminate and discuss a “Learning Object (Metadata) Grand Research Challenges” Manifesto and organize a “Grand Research Challenges and Standardization Requirements Meeting”. The aim of these initiatives is to develop a clearly articulated and consolidated vision statement for the field.


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