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13 February 2004 / erikduval


Did a few presentations at LearnTec. As always, the slides are available under a creative commons attribution-share alike license.

A first presentation was about Standards and Individualization: in the panel discussion, it became clear once more that people often misunderstand what the standards can do for them… The bottom line? Standards can enable better learning (whatever your definition of “better” is in this context); they do not guarantee better learning. The way I tried to explain it: DIN is a very smart organization, they standardized paper size (A4), not German litterature…

The second presentation started from the original problem: after 40 or more years of development of technology for learning, we are still standing on each others toes rather than shoulders. Standards can help. We achieved a lot, but a lot remains to be done: “electronic forms must die”, “documents must die”… We can do a lot better than we do now, and this does not require gigantic leaps in technology… Actually, we are beginning to do some of the more interesting and relevant stuff in Ariadne.

Finally, I gave a short introduction in Yet Another Talk on the usefulness and state of the art of standards for metadata. This talk includes some statistics on large scale use of learning objects and standards – thanks to Dan Rehak for the statistics!


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