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1 June 2004 / erikduval

ESP Game: good try!

I am not the first to report about the ESP game approach to collecting metadata about images through a game based approach.

I like this approach, because it takes a fun, novel look at how to gather metadata from several people at once – the idea being that if more people (well, … 2) agree on a metadata term, then the quality should be OK. Of course, this is in total contradiction with my “electronic forms must die” and “metadata are for machines, not humans” slogans, as the game focuses on the metadata rather than the images. Of course, the point is that this game hides the fact that participants are doing something useful and focuses the user experience on scores and other games stuff – I need god knows how many tens of thousands of points to make it to the next level 🙂 !

The only thing I dislike: after a game, you can see what your “partner” suggested as search terms for some of the images. Turns out he didn’t suggest any terms for about half the images 😦 . No wonder I will never make it to the nirvana of top scorers: don’t blame me, it’s those lousy partners!


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