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8 June 2004 / erikduval

Ontologies for Learning

It seems like ontologies for learning are becoming more and more a hot topic. I am co-organizing a Workshop on Ontologies, Semantics and E-learning and am involved in the Program Committee of a series of workshops on Applications of Semantic Web Technologies for E-learning, where ontologies are an important topic.

(Deadline for submissions to WOSE is July 1st!)

I guess that this illustrates how we are progressing to the next stage, now that basic learning technology interoperability issues are more or less solved: we can now move to a more “semantic” level where the focus is more on processing meaning, rather than on the more trivial exchange of string values.

Of course, trivial exchange of string values at a massive global scale is not exactly … trivial either, and more work is certainly needed on wide scale deployment of tools and infrastructures, as well as on usability issues that will determine whether people can actually use them. However, it is good to see that work higher up in the stack of technologies is also booming!


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