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23 July 2004 / erikduval


A new ARIADNE letter was issued earlier today… Lots of pointers to Good Stuff!

I will just paste it into the extended part of this entry.

With this short message, we are re-activating a Good Tradition: that of ARIADNE letters that keep you informed about current events and developments in ARIADNE!

Apologies for not having sent out any letters for a while… The excuse: we were so busy doing Good Things that this priority just didn’t make it to the top of the list. In fact, this letter will just mention a few points that are particularly relevant, with pointers that enable you to follow up for further details.

  • We continue to improve the main ARIADNE web site at An Example? Under “Publications”, you will now find almost 100 papers on ARIADNE! Most of these publications are available for direct free download, by the way… (In some cases, we cannot legally do this: please do feel free to request a copy by email if you want any of the other papers!)
  • Over the past year, the backbone to the ARIADNE infrastructure, the Knowledge Pool System has been re-designed. As a result, we now have one of the leading learning object repositories in the world. The redesign has enabled us to provide application programmer interfaces in web services, Java, ColdFusion – PHP is under development. These API’s are for instance put to use to make the KPS interface with Learning Management Systems like Blackboard, INES, and others. See for more details…
  • Membership of the Foundation continues to grow: so far in 2004, we have welcomed the Modern University for the Humanities (Russia), the Centro De Ensenanza Technica Industrial (Mexico), the University of Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro), the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain), the Limburgs Universitair Centrum (Belgium), Skeria Utveckling (Sweden), the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technoly (New-Zealand), the Learning Lab Lower Saxony (Germany), the Estonian Information Technology Foundation (Estonia) and … Macromedia and Microsoft! Watch this space for further news in the coming months on our concrete plans with these partners…
  • ARIADNE is deeply involved in the Networks of Excellence on Technology Enhanced Learning launched earlier this year. In Kaleidoscope (, we contribute our expertise on learning technology standards. In ProLearn (, we coordinate work on learning objects, metadata and interoperability.
  • Speaking of standards, we coordinate global developments on a Simple Query Interface (SQI, for learning object repositories: this CEN/ISSS standard enables federated search across such repositories worldwide. In the IEEE Learning Technologies Standards Committee, we coordinate the development of the XML binding of the Learning Object Metadata standard ( Again, ARIADNE is working on the leading (bleeding?) edge of technology, in a global collaborative effort. Eventually, this will lead to concrete services and functionality that you, as an end user, can rely upon.

Of course, all of the above means nothing without your continued support and involvement! As always, we deeply welcome and appreciate your comments, feedback, remarks or questions… And you may want to refer some of your friends and colleagues to the work we do..?

Kind regards – enjoy the Summer! We will continue to do Good Things with you,

Prof. Erik Duval
President of the ARIADNE Foundation


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