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24 July 2004 / erikduval


Google is often cited as an example of simplicity and minimalism – one textbox, no more, to enter your criteria. Surely, you cannot have a still smaller user interface? How would the search engine know what you’re looking for?

Well, it looks like the folks at blinkx have found a way to go one step further: their application analyzes what is displayed on your screen and searches for related information on the Internet or on your hard disk. When you get to the application, it already has what it thinks you will be looking for. It will be interesting to play with this: I have of course downloaded the free tool immediately: at first sight, it seems to work with Internet Explorer, but not with Mozilla Firefox 😦 … Anyway, do let me know what you think of it if you start playing with it too!

BTW, this is another application that searches the internet and your local disk. This makes SO much sense to me: I really don’t understand why we don’t have this as standard functionality on all our desktops. Good ald enfish is one of these tools that I really don’t want to do without. Recently, X1 and others seem to have reignited interest in this idea. And now Microsoft plans to include search funtional ity in Longhorn and Apple made it one of the priorities for the next relies of its OS… If you wait long enough, the future will arrive after all…



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  1. richard / Jul 28 2004 5:13 pm

    Mozilla version just out. I’ve had this on my maching for about a week now. Very impressed. Have been playing around with the visualiser a bit. Certainly going to keep it running for the time being. Search results seemed to have improved a good deal over the week.

  2. Morgan / Nov 16 2004 6:43 pm

    Blinkx SUX! Please stay away from Blinx, its a scam and it takes the information off your harddrive and sells it….just another spyware program

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