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19 September 2004 / erikduval

LOM meeting in Shanghai

Just in case the below didn’t make it to your Inbox…

Greeting one and all in LOM land! Now that September is here and many are planning out the remainder of this calendar year, we wanted to let you know that the next LOM meeting will be co-located with the DCMI (Dublin Core Metadata Initiative) conference in Shanghai China on October 13th from 13:30 to 17:30 at the Shanghai Library.

The full International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications 2004: “Metadata Across Languages and Cultures” will be held at the Shanghai Library and run from Oct. 11-14, 2004. The organizers have put together a rich and full program on a diverse range of metadata related topics and they have gathered a truly world class collection of speakers and panels. In addition to the LOM meetings there are several other opportunities and meetings with the DCMI and DC-Education communities. Full information on the conference, registration, accommodation and program information can be found at

Many of you will remember that we co-located our LOM meeting with DCMI for the first time at their conference last year in Seattle Washington, in the USA. This was such a success that we agreed to do so again this year. With the focus on metadata for education, training and learning continuing to increase dramatically this is a tremendous opportunity to get together with many of the world experts and the very large and vibrant international metadata community. You will want to attend if at all possible.

In the shortest possible summary on LOM news:

– Tremendous forward progress is being made with the adoption of LOM by more and more subject domains and in more and more countries and languages.
The LOM data model standard (IEEE 1484.12.1-2002) has been widely adopted and adapted, including being fully incorporated into the most recent and stabilized version of the ADL SCORM. 2004.
– The work on the standard for the XML binding of LOM (P1484.12.3) is about to enter it’s last round of recirculation ballot and is then expected to be submitted to the IEEE RevCom and possibly be approved by them before the end of this calendar year.

At this DCMI conference in Shanghai we will also be having the next meeting of the continued work on the original “Ottawa Communiqué” initiatives, which includes an update on the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) on metadata project that has been making excellent progress.

Please be sure to put this on your calendar and do your best to attend. Looking forward to seeing you in Shanghai on October 13th.

Wayne Hodgins
Erik Duval
Technical Editor,
IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee (LTSC)
Learning Objects Metadata (LOM) P1484.12


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