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28 September 2004 / erikduval

integated search

The BBC runs a clear simple story about some of the exciting new approaches for searching:
"Ask Jeeves bets on smart search". This new version of AskJeeves, not unlike the functionality A9 introduced recently, enables search management: saving searches, annotating them, search within search results, etc. Of course, gmail is another illustration of this idea, with the labels representing searches – and bloomba does the same thing on your local machine… The BBC mentions Blinkx and Copernic as related tools for searching your own hard disk

Interesting is the note that AskJeevs is working on the integration of web and personal search. Both Google ("Puffin") and Microsoft ("Longhorn") are also working on this kind of integration. Seems like we are making interesting progress! Why would I have to search separately on the web and on my own machine? Enfish already offers that kind of integration on your local machine, searching in an integrated way your email, text documents, presentations, etc. (Why not everyone has such a tool installed is something I don’t understand.)

Another kind of integration? You can now search the ARIADNE Knowledge Pool System from within Firefox/Mozilla: put a .src file and a .gif file in {mozilla-installation-dir}\searchplugins\, and restart Firefox/Mozilla, then your upper-right hand google search box will also support search in the Knowledge Pool System. Neat, simple, clean and useful – no?


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  1. bekir / Oct 11 2004 6:08 am

    I did not know AskJeeves was introduced in a new outlet. The idea of integration of web and personal search is really interesting. Generally, too much time is wasted searching for information. Any way to find information fast is valuable in that one would have more time to working on the issue at hand.

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