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2 December 2004 / erikduval

Online Educa: standards – myth or reality?

At the session I did with Wayne Hodgins on standards, some 50 participants found the room – a testimony of their navigation skills and tenacity! We mainly emphasized in our introduction that SCORM2004 is “good enough” to get started and that we now need to start focusing on different issues, like hiding the complexities for end users.

o Issues from the room:
 Cultural diversity stdts? 5
 How to get to tipping point? 40
� Combine into coherent experience
� Instructional design, what experience?
 Content portfolio, profile, � 30
 Ready to use or more to expect? 5
� What is done, what is coming?
 Granularity no longer an issue? 5
o Combine into coherent experience
o Instructional design, what experience?
o �Knowledge derives from discourse, critique and counter-critique among a group of people intent upon discovering the truth of a domain�
(Ronald Barnet, the Meaning of Higher Education)
o No Aristotle for every Alexander
o On demand, in real time, for every student
o Instruction as engineering (not art, science�)


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