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28 December 2004 / erikduval

Learning Objects in Context

This may be of interest…

ProLearn-iClass thematic workshop on “Learning Objects in Context”
3-4 March 2005, Leuven, Belgium

Deadline for submissions: 22 January 2005 (extended abstract of 4 pages)
Notification of acceptance: 11 February 2005
workshop: 3-4 March 2005

This workshop is jointly organized by the ProLearn Network of Excellence ( and the iClass project (, both funded under the Technology Enhanced Learning program of the European Commission.

The objective is to enable information exchange, discussion and interaction in Europe and beyond, and, in this way, to help shape relevant R&D on the themes of the workshop.

Generally speaking, this workshop addresses the concept of learning objects in a general sense, as well as the context in which they are deployed.
Specific topics addressed by the workshop are:
• Learning objects, learning activities and contextual information;
• Interoperability of learning systems, typically based on standards, with a special focus on repositories;
• Knowledge representation for learning, with a focus on content modeling, user modeling and domain modeling, as well as on adaptive applications that exploit such representations.

The focus at the workshop will be on exploiting the added value that an event can provide where all participants are present at the same time at the same place. It is explicitly expected that participants will make all the relevant background material available before the meeting. During the event, the focus will be on short presentations, demonstrations, comparisons with related work, discussion and active interaction with the audience.

Please send up to 4 pages, including references and links to relevant additional material. Please make clear how the submission contributes to the themes of the workshop. It is expected that a special issue of a journal will be put together as a follow-up to the workshop.

Erik Duval, Ariadne & K.U.Leuven, Belgium (Program and Logistics)
Frans Van Assche, European Schoolnet, Brussel, Belgium (Program) and Eric Meyvis, Siemens, Brussel, Belgium (Logistics)

Please send your submissions, questions or comments to


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