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4 January 2005 / erikduval

LOM XML binding

This is a short update on the recently finished recirculation ballot for the IEEE LTSC LOM XML binding. The ballot closed on December 21st of 2004 and continued to indicate support for the LOM XML binding in the ballot group. Indeed, we again satisfied the IEEE rules for consensus:

1. This ballot has met the 75% returned ballot requirement.
45 eligible people in this ballot group.
36 affirmative votes
3 negative votes with comments
0 negative votes without comments
4 abstention votes
43 votes received = 95% returned
9% abstention
2. The 75% affirmation requirement is being met.
36 affirmative votes
3 negative votes with comments
39 votes = 92% affirmative

The negative votes mentioned in the ballot result were all votes from the first rounds of balloting. The participants who submitted those negative votes initially did not vote in this round though we contacted each of them individually to try and get their response. Under the IEEE rules, that means that their votes stands as a negative vote.

In the last ballot, 14 participants did vote: all approved. Of these, 3 submitted comments, the other 11 participants approved without comments. The total number of comments submitted is 11+23+25=59. Most importantly, all these comments are editorial there are no technical comments left! This means that we can hope to finalize the ballot resolution process in the next few weeks and that we can then finalize the LOM XML binding standard.

Many thanks to all involved especially the folks in the ballot resolution committee and in the ballot group: this is an excellent way to start 2005!

Wayne Hodgins, chair of the IEEE LTSC LOM working group
Erik Duval, technical editor


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