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6 January 2005 / erikduval

Impact of ICT on Education

One could probably argue that the impact of technology on the way people learn has been least in the school context, and minimal in a university setting (with the exception of maybe a few “open” universities). Corporate training, especially so-called “on the job training”, has been using ICT to some advantage, and military training has taken most advantage of the affordances technology provides, especially through high end simulations.

I wonder whether this is really true and why this is so… Any comments would be most appreciated: do you agree with the above statement? What do you think is the root cause of this situation?

Also, I’d be most interested in references to convincing uses of technology for learning: especially, well documented such references would be most welcome. Maybe we can start a list of such cases: I’ll start a wiki page as soon as I have … let’s say 3 such cases.

If you experience problems to add comments, send me an email, and I’ll look at the spam settings…


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