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13 May 2005 / erikduval

Rob Glaser @ WWW2005

Rob Glaser founded RealNetworks 10 years ago: they have 1.8 million subscribers. Over those 10 years, the most notable trends for him are the increase in bandwidth, the triumph of open source and open standards, the move of the web beyond the PC to mobile phones and other devices and the way legitimate digital media went mainstream.

Helix includes a media engine.

Contrary to the way the Apple Music Store works, realnetworks allows you to play on all devices. Already now, there are more internet enabled devices than PC’s, though most internet use is still from PC’s.

The music subscription business serves 3 million users today. A similar model is quite succesful for games. Every time a piece of music is played, the recording companies get a small fee.

Rob hopes that some other device will become as popular as the iPod, so that consumers will realise that Apple is providing a closed environment and that they cannot exchange songs from their iPod to other devices.


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