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29 September 2005 / erikduval

Rostock – GMW & Delfi

I had the great pleasure of doing a keynote at [GMW 2005]( and [Delfi 2005](

I’ve started collecting feedback on my keynotes by asking people to write some comments on a piece of paper and leave them in the room when they go for a break. This is a GREAT way to get some idea of the effect you have with a presentation and gave me lots to ponder…

One of the things that stood out: there still is quite a bit of resistance to the whole notion even of using technology for learning, and learning objects in particular! Much of that resistance, it seems to me, is based on a misunderstanding of what we are trying to achieve. After my keynote, we had a really good discussion on what could or could not work and why. MANY THANKS to all of you who kept challenging me well into the dinner!

Of course, you can find [my slides]( in ARIADNE!


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