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29 September 2005 / erikduval

Villach, ICL

Did two [presentations]( at [ICL2004]( in wonderful Villach.

As I do more often these days, I asked the audience to leave feedback on my keynote through paper notes before leaving the auditorium. Here is a selection of things they wrote:

– Among the barriers they identified, time pressures and the demands of everyday work stood out by a wide margin! Other barriers to learning included: rigid colleagues, management support, unclear scope and purpose, quality indicators, lack of programming and multimedia skills, lack of attractive material, technology complexity, money, information overload, motivation, lack of contact with other learners, emotional aspects (including fear).

– Questions they raised in the papers they left:
– How to protect personal data and intellectual property?
– Does automation not contradict learner-centered approaches?
– Why is learning technology so far behind web technology: maybe learning is inherently different?
– Learning is also about digesting, self-guided effort, social action, revisiting, human contact!
– We must have more courage to start a learning google!
– Who will choose the criteria for classification and how?
– How are you going to realize your ideas?
– We need more open source tools for data and text mining!
– What is learning content?
– “Some ideas were perfect, others too absurd” 🙂

A well meant THANK YOU to all who responded, asked questions, kept me busy in the corridor, etc. I REALLY appreciate your feedback: keep it coming!


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