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30 September 2005 / erikduval

Paul Lefrere @ ICL

Paul Lefrere started with a couple of nice videos from [a less motivated student]( (try “do you know who I am”) and [an overachieving learner](

It was nice to see someone else refer back to [Doug Engelbart’s Augment]( Paul mentioned the [work at Intel on learning tools](, but mentioned that this is not enough, because of the barriers learners face to realise their potential (anxiety, [lack of knowledge](, …). Things we can do about it: [playing games to improve our visual capabilities](, evolving to a [humanv2.0 transhuman](, or – on a slightly more mundane scale – [building spatial human interfaces]( to help kids learn how to boil an egg…

Paul seemed rather concerned with the potential for abuse – and many in the audience seemed to share his worries.


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