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30 September 2005 / erikduval

Wim Veen @ ICL

Wim did a “homo zappiens” speech: he had a nice diagram that showed how there were two periods in the day of a youngster when they don’t use media… the morning and afternoon sessions in school! Chatting, surfing, playing games, etc. make students better at

– scanning screens, colours, movements, icons, etc. rather than reading from left to right from top to bottom
– multitasking, doing homework while listening to music, surfing and chatting
– processing discontinued information (like zapping TV)

Therefor, we need to provide non-linear learning strategies, because different media imply different learning skills. Wim believes that the homo zappiens learns differently – along the same lines that Mark Prensky is exploring.

What I’d be interested in mostly would be “hard” research results on how different homo zappiens REALLY is: it seems unlikely to me that the brain would be wired differently, but I do believe that other things have changed how we learn. Or have they?

Oh, and Wim mentioned [omidar]( hadn’t heard of that yet – looks interesting…


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