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8 November 2005 / erikduval

Attention trust

We are experimenting with [attention.xml]( as a means to capture what users do with learning object repositories, like which learning objects they look at, which ones they download, which ones they deploy in courses (or otherwise), how the learners work with them, etc.

It seems obvious that, if we could share such data in a trusted way, there would be ample room for Cool Applications: I am sure that we can improve the quality of recommend learning objects if we can rely on your bying history on Amazon and eBay, your browsing history, your email habits, your music downloads and listening behaviour, etc.

Obviously, there are some trust and privacy issues here: that is where the [AttentionTrust]( seems to want to play a role… I am not sure that this is the answer, but I do like the general principles (“You Own: Yourself, Your data, Your attention”) that they lay out…


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