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25 January 2006 / erikduval

Grand Research Challenges workshop in Leuven

The next meeting of the [CEN/ISSS Workshop on Learning Technologies]( will take place on Thursday 2 February 2006.

The next day, we are organizing two half-day workshops, one on Quality and another one Grand Research Challenges for Learning Objects, Metadata and Interoperability.

The Katholieke Universiteit Leuven hosts the meetings at Departement Computerwetenschappen, Celestijnenlaan 200 A, B3001 Heverlee. More information [about the venue]( and [how to get there]( is available on-line.

In order to deal with the logistics involved, we would appreciate an email to if you will be participating. We will provide sandwiches and coffee on both events – lunch will be around 10 euro per lunch per person, to be paid in cash at the event.

The agenda for the meeting of the CEN/ISSS Workshop on Learning Technologies is:
10:30: introductions, workshop status
11:50: European Localisation E-Learning Quality
13:15: lunch
14:15: European Quality Observatory
14:30: LOM application profiles
16:20: accessibility
17:00: workshop status
18:00: end of meeting

The first workshop, from 09h30 to 12h30 on 3 February focuses on “Grand Research Challenges for Learning Objects. Metadata and Interoperability” and is organized by the [ProLearn network of excellence]( and the [ARIADNE Foundation]( After a first introduction, in order to clarify the goal and purpose of the meeting, we will break out in smaller groups to clarify the vision of why we work on learning technologies and to identify the main research challenges that need to be tackled in order to realize the vision. We will then reconvene in a plenary session to discuss and consolidate the results of the different break out groups.

The second workshop, from 13h30 to 17h00 on 3 February, will focus on eLearning Quality. At this meeting, the Project Team Quality provides an open forum to discuss their current work:

  • A European Good Practice Guide for eLearning Quality
  • Learning Experience Transparency: Which information on courses or modules should be provided to the learner? How can learners find the best fitting learning offers?
  • Classification Model: A model to describe and evaluate quality approaches.

You will have the chance to get an update on European standardization issues with a specific focus on quality.

For hotels, we recommend [Hotel binnenhof](, [Begijnhof Congresshotel]( and [Theater Hotel](mention KULeuven,
A [more complete list of hotels]( is also available.

We are very much looking forward to welcome you in Leuven in two weeks!


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