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5 July 2006 / erikduval

Gilber Paquette @ ICALT

Today and on Friday, I will be at the ICALT conference in the nice Rolduc abbey

Gilbert Paquette
opened the conference with his keynote: Gilbert mentioned at the start his support for our GLOBE initiative. I agree with his view that we need to take care of basic access to resources, so that we can focus more on the activities or learning designs in which they fit.

He distinguishes three waves in Web technology: from static text to more multimedia material to a semantic, programmable and personalizable web.

In LORNET, Gilbert and his team are building a TEleLearning Operating System. He presented the MOT graphical modeling language, based on concepts, procedures and principles, which supports the construction of ontologies. LORNET has created a repository of learning designs. Gilbert briefly talked about how learning designs can be linked to competencies – they did an extensive experiment on this in the context of law schools and he believes that a new specification for competencies is needed: that topic is also being discussed in the IEEE LTSC…

BTW, nice to see that Gilbert makes his slides available under a Creative Commons license!

PS: I wonder if I am the only one who feels uncomfortable and blinded by the lack of Internet access here…


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