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5 July 2006 / erikduval

Jehad @ ICALT

Jehad Najjar, one of my PhD. students, presented our work on “Towards Effective Usage-Based Learning Applications: Track and Learn from User Experience(s)” at ICALT this morning. As always, the slides are available.

An interesting question concerned the potential for “attention spamming”: once our students understand that their attention influences how we evaluate them -generalize that to: once we all understand that our attention influences what other people will think of us- there is a serious incentive to develop attention spambots that will pretend to be me working away diligently at all the wonderful emails and other material you’re providing them with, so that you will think better of them because they seem to think so highly of you… Something to ponder… (Of course, once this problem arises, we know we are succesful with the very notion of attention metadata!)

BTW, the deadline for our workshop on Contextualized Attention Metadata: Collecting, Managing and Exploiting Rich Usage Information (CAMA 2006) was extended to July 11! Do consider contributing a short position paper if you’re interested in this area…


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