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18 August 2006 / erikduval


Through Personaltechpipeline (thanks, Wayne !) and writely ‘s blogging functionality…

A Glimpse Into The ‘Web 3.0’ “: is an application that scans your playlists and creates a custom RSS feed for when your favorite bands come to your town… That’s a nice approach: how about an application that remembers where I went for dinner before with the friends I have invited for tomorrow – should be possible if I book on-line? Or rather: how about such an application that integrates nicely into my calendar, so that I can just retrieve that information when I need it? How about remembering what I cooked for them before if we will have dinner at home? And, more importantly, how about an application that helps me to learn, uses my history of interactions to find out what and how I like to learn, that embeds the learning into my activities, so that I get to learn when it makes most sense (need the knowledge, skill or ability now, or have nothing else to do, …)? With current technologies, we should at least be able to do some of this, no? Know of any examples? Have an opinion on why this will not be possible? I’m interested in your comments…


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