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9 October 2006 / erikduval

The politics of passion – passion of politics

The nice folks at TED bring a TEDtalk of Majora Carter: the passion and indignation of this young woman is where politics should have its root. She’s great on slogans too: “Green is the new black”. Make sure you don’t miss the part where she talks about her conversation with Al Gore!

Then again, once elected, politicians should make sure that ratio takes over and think about their strategies for change. This evening, it seems that the mayor of my hometown, Antwerp, has proven that he did exactly that: after many, many years, he has been instrumental in finally delivering a defeat to the extreme right-wing Vlaams Belang… Thanks, Patrick!



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  1. Stijn De Schepper / Oct 10 2006 12:51 pm

    This elections were the first where VB “lost”, but they have only lost, because they aimed much higher. They haven’t lost any votes in comparaison to the last elections. People shouldn’t overestimate this outcome, but it’s a good step in the right direction.

  2. Erik / Oct 10 2006 10:47 pm

    It seems like they actually did loose 80.000 votes or 8.5 percent of their voters when compared with the last elections, in 2004. Granted, those were elections for Flanders, so even comparing them with the provincial elections is a bit questionable…

    More importantly: a massive amount of work remains to be done, but the previous trend has at least been reversed.

  3. Stijn De Schepper / Oct 11 2006 11:11 am

    They lost votes, because you couldn’t vote for them in every town and for me local election or elections for Flanders are totally different. For example, the VB can actually have good statements or a good program in some towns. It didn’t happend in mine, but it’s just theoretical.

    I, personally, hope that more politicians like Patrick Janssens will emerge. He was one of the first, who started to fight the VB with his own strengths rather than just shouting at them, which they like the most. Imo, that’s the way politicians should think.

  4. Gert-Jan / Oct 19 2006 3:42 pm

    Personally I’m very pleased the trend is broken eventually in Antwerp. Hopefully the coalition continious to good work going there.

    Being a foreigner living in Belgium, I was very surprised (and ashamed!) to discover that VB gained votes in the border region (e.g. in the north of Limbourg) from the Dutch people living there. How can you ever be so short-sighted, while you’re living as a foreigner in Belgium yourself?

    Keeping the VB out of coalitions might help to stay away from narrow minded politics, like for instance in The Netherlands.

    Yes, the Fortuyn movement indeed has almost disappeared while being part of some coalitions……but many issues from the Fortuyn movement have been taken over by other right wings.

    A strong focus on the country itself, without much interest for the world around. Curious how that will evolve after the mext elections in November.

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