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1 November 2006 / erikduval

LACLO, Guayaquil and so much more

After a nice, uneventful flight from Guayaquil in Ecuador, I found myself at the truly impressive Barajas airport in Madrid, ready for another “Beautiful Day”.

At LACLO in Ecuador, I witnessed the birth of a Latin-American network of learning object repositories. It was great to see how some of the concepts and tools that we have been developing globally over the last decade are so relevant to this dynamic community of very committed folks.

I did my technology of open learning keynote, and added some lessons learned at the end. These include:

  • deal in a simple way (creative commons) with copyright of metadata and content
  • you may want to use federated search or harvesting, or a combination of both
  • stand on the shoulders of others who worked in this area before you started
  • keep technology and strategy issues separate
  • keep it simple: good enough is good enough and the perfect is the enemy of the good

Some of these issues need some additional explanation, but you may get an idea of what I felt was worth mentioning in this context.

The ARIADNE centre at ESPOL will take a leading role in this network of repositories and this will be an important extra partner in our GLOBE network of networks (meta-network?). I feel very fortunate to have been able to help folks to bootstrap this effort and am very excited to see how they can stand on our shoulders – seems quite likely to me that we will learn as least as much from them as they do from us!

Before I forget: the other keynote speaker was my much valued Friend, Wayne Hodgins, who has started blogging and shares some of his thoughts on LACLO.


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