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21 November 2006 / erikduval


Compentenc(i)es have been getting much attention recently. My own take on them is that, if learning object metadata describe the supply, then competenc(i)es are essential to describe the demand. That is a very vague notion and I have been trying to understand better proposals to make this more concrete. I’m still somewhat confused about how this is being approached and that is why I hope that the recent IEEE LTSC initiative may shed some light on this issue…

If you’re interested too, then thefirst public event will be of interest: this will take place on Wednesday 29 November at 08:00 PST/11:00 EST/17:00 CET. The meeting will run 2 hours (08:00 to 10:00 PST) to enable some of you who indicated that you’d be more available by 9am so that you can join the call mid way if needed. You can join via phone or Skype and we’ll have an online sharing mechanism set up as well for any slides or docs that we all need to see.

Agenda items or objectives for the meeting included:
· defining the problem(s) needing to be solved (what is currently impossible/very difficult)
· decide how to organize ourselves (stand alone group? Under an existing body such as IEEE? Or ??)
· action items for different groups
· establishing some common terms and their meanings (eg competency model)
· determining next steps
· schedule next meeting/call

If you have other critical objectives or agenda items please comment ASAP!


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