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7 December 2006 / erikduval

Putting Things in Context

The video of the final discussion at the workshop we organized on is on-line. I couldn’t make it to the workshop myself, and am very happy that the Wonders of Technology enable me to at least have a bit of an impression of what happened. (We tried to make a life feed available, but that was kind of difficult because there was no internet connection – sic!) Many thanks to Xavier Ochoa for the postprocessing of the video! You may also be interested in our new Google Group on Attention Metadata

While we’re on the subject, I participated remotely earlier this week in a workshop on “Contextual Metadata and the Teaching and Learning Context”. The Foundations blog mentions the workshop (can’t seem to find a web page for it) and my remote intervention. The “forms must die” slogan refers to our work on automatic metadata generation. What I meant by “if you can’t automate it, it won’t work” is that I believe we cannot expect “normal people” to manually create the attention metadata that capture the traces of what they do. That will never scale! Remember: Yahoo captures 10 Terabyte of clickstream data per day… That is a complete Library of Congress of attention metadata! Who will capture all of that manually!?


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