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15 December 2006 / erikduval

6.000.000 radio stations in Flanders!

There are about 6.000.000 individuals living in Flanders – I took that as a starting point when I was invited to talk at the Flemmish public radio about radio2.0, their event to discuss the future of radio.

You can find the slides above (of course!) and the recording of my presentation (in Dutch) is also available.


This was a Fun Event: all the presentations included a Long Tail slide 🙂 While I was chatting away with Jonas Woost from, it seemed that every other slide contained the logo.

In my talks on learning, I often refer my audience to the great new tools in music, for inspiration on how to innovate in learning. Even though we have a spin off that applies our ideas that originated in learning to music (in hotels, restaurants and bars), I was surprised myself by the parallels between personalization in learning and music: learning sequences become playlists, learning objects become songs, the role of the teacher and the DJ is pretty similar, etc.

I also enjoyed how everybody seems to think that we cannot have a radio station just for one person, until you explain how this could be achieved. Then it quickly becomes apparent how we will probably end up with more radio stations than listeners… After all, don’t we want different stations for different contexts (while getting ready in the bathroom in the morning, or driving to work, or having dinner with the family, etc.)? So, where most people first think 6.000.000 radio stations is way overkill for Flanders, I can get most of them to agree that we will more likely end up with 60.000.000!

A bit later in the day, I got an opportunity to create a brand new radiostation life on flemmish public radio – in this case using the pandora service. Try it for yourself, if you haven’t done so yet!

Sten posted his pictures of the event on flickr.


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