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26 December 2006 / erikduval

Polar Rose

I haven’t played much around with it, but I like the approach that Polar Rose takes to tagging pictures with information about people in them. As you may know, I am not convinced that manually adding metadata scales well. However, I have no problem with using such metadata when we can get it. The recent Search Wikia relies on manual intervention. The Google Image Labeler does too – in a fun kind of way. (You have too see the video on Human Computation by Luis Von Ahn, the bright fellow who was behind the esp game that the google image labeler is based on! Really: it’s been a long time since I so much enjoyed a different perspective on what we can and cannot do with technology…)


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  1. Joris Gillis / Dec 27 2006 3:28 pm

    The idea of Luis Von Ahn to exploit idle human cumputation cycles looks very interesting:-) Very close to some ideas I had of my own with regard to Wikipedia. I had no clue the concept was already being discussed, let alone, implemented… Thanks for the link, professor.

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