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12 January 2007 / erikduval

I want one!

So, the iphone is out: I want one! I really want one… And I do hope we will be able to develop for the platform, although that doesn’t seem likely (though web applications may be possible)?

And it seems that the one-laptop-per-child may become available for individual purchase, if you also pay for one for someone who can’t afford it: I want one! I really want one… I am very impressed by their attempt to go beyond the desktop with Sugar for the user interface: it makes “social presence” a core feature of the user experience. And they seem to encourage developing content for the platform. I wonder how we could filter content from GLOBE to deliver olpc-safe content in our search results…

It’s interesting to note how a secretive, very controlled approach like Apple’s contrasts with the open source, collaborative approach that many in my world advocate. Yet, many of the supporters for openness, myself included, prefer the Apple hard- and software to alternatives. I mentioned before that open source can never be an excuse for compromising the user experience and I still think that is key. Yet, if we believe that an open, collaborative approach is so superior, then where are all those devices and applications that have been built in that way and that offer a superior experience to the Apple line of products?

As a little extra, I’ve included this New Order music video clip: through this song, I rediscovered them a year or two ago. I’m even more of a fan now than I was back then. Enjoy!


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  1. Erik / Jan 12 2007 2:52 pm

    Here is an example of why we would like to be able to develop innovative music applications for the iPhone.

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