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7 March 2007 / erikduval


Sometimes funny isn’t funny anymore… Yesterday, I gave an introductory lecture on Human Computer Interaction.

For almost 8 years now, I’ve been using the presidential election of 2000 in the USA (“Bush vs. Gore”) to make the point that the user interface can have a rather dramatic impact (see slide 8 ). That is 8 years ago. So, what do the good folks at goodexperience bring me today? “Another poorly designed ballot“…

On a related note, even though most of the people in the course were highly skilled technical folks, when I asked for some input on usability problems they encounter, I filled 4 slides (11-14) in no time with their input, and had difficulty to move beyond the “let me tell you one more horror story” phase. Seems like this may have to get even worse before it will finally start getting better?

To end on a more positive, not obviously related, note: goodexperience also made me discover David Byrne’s blog. And the first of his notes I read is about Miranda July – “Me and You and Everyone we Know” is an absolutely-must-see movie. Rent it, download it, steal it, whatever, but do see it. Today!


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