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10 March 2007 / erikduval

Whom do YOU want to keynote?

Today, we sent out the EC-TEL07 call for papers once more – deadline is 1 April!

Here’s a slightly “different” request: we are discussing whom we will invite as keynote speakers. Many excellent suggestions were mentioned in all kinds of conversations. But hey, I believe in the value of openness and transparency: so why don’t you suggest a keynote speaker?!

In practical terms, I suggest that you tag people you would like to see and hear with “ectel07” on delicious. You can also use delicious to comment on why you would want us to invite this particular person.

Now that we are on the subject, I would also love to invite a “different” kind of keynote this year. It’s a bit hard to explain, but I would basically want someone to talk about how she has used technology to really add value to what she does. This presenter should not necessarily work in the domain of learning, but would inspire us to think about how we can add value in what we try to do…

Maybe an example will make this clearer: I’d love to invite Laurie Anderson to talk about her ideas on the use of technology. For me, Laurie is in essence a storyteller – “the ugly one with the jewels” – and a wonderfully moving storyteller at that. Then she enriches the stories through media and technology (tape-bow violin!, sensor suit!) until the stories become … well … Laurie Anderson Stuff!

If you don’t know Laurie Anderson, then go see her or listen to her (stream her from her web site). I’ve just tagged her with “ectel07”. Please do add your suggestions – more “conventional” keynote proposals are most welcome too 🙂 !


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