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12 March 2007 / erikduval

DC and LOM

We are about to start some work on harmonization between LOM and DC in ProLearn. Here is the announcement I just sent out:

As discussed before, one of the important work items in WP4 this year will focus on a harmonization methodology for metadata models, specifically LOM and Dublin Core. Actually, according to JPA4, we will draft a deliverable by end of June and we will finalize it by December.

From our preliminary discussions, we identified several approaches to work on this topic:

1) We can focus more on fundamentals of metadata, for instance what the differences are (and their implications!) between models that rely on metadata instances (like LOM) and models that rely on metadata statements (like DC).

2) We can focus more on the concrete level, for instance in the form of guidelines that can assist practitioners (like application profile developers, collection curators, software developers, etc.) that are faced with a mixture of LOM and DC metadata.

3) We can also concentrate our efforts on the joint IEEE/DCMI initiative (see

In fact, which way we will proceed will be one of the first topics we will discuss. Discussions will take place over the wp4 mailing list and through a series of LOMI seminars. The first such seminar will take place on

(We have booked 90 minutes of flashmeeting, but intend to finish the seminar after 1 hour.)

Please send your feedback to the list if you cannot attend the session. The recording will be accessible from

VERY much looking forward to initiate this collaboration,

–Mikael Nilsson & Erik Duval

Do feel free to join!
These LOMI seminars are free and open for all: all it takes to participate is a browser and an internet connection. If you have a microphone, then participants will be able to hear you. If you have a webcam, they will be able to see you. Neither is a requirement – though they help if you want to contribute 😉


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