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27 March 2007 / erikduval

JS Brown on Games at Hewlett

John Seely Brown started his session on games at the Hewlett Foundation with the slogan of “Teach less, learn more” 😉 In his introduction, he mentioned the EUN vision of school that follows and surrounds student.

I asked John about wether the factors that make a game “work” also make it “work” for learning – or whether games need to satisfy specific requirements to promote learning, or maybe “gaming” and “learning” are identical, which I suspect is the case… If I understood the answer, then his view is that the sort of abilities and skills that you pick up when gaming are typically the sorts of things that matter more in the next 10 to 20 years than what you learn at school. I think that answer is valid, but it doesn’t address my question – no doubt because I didn’t articulate it very well…

Interesting examples that the audience mentioned were
“I Love Bees”
and World without Oil (“Play it – before you live it”), PeaceMaker (which I like!).


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