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13 April 2007 / erikduval


My great friend Wayne has started to blog about something we’ve been discussing for a while and decided to call the Snowflake Effect.

Here’s an attempt to explain what we mean by that:

You are not I. You are unique. And so is everybody else. Including me ☺.

Maybe your mother once mentioned to you that, just like all snowflakes are different, you are different from everybody else. As a child, you may have experienced the warm feeling inside that comes from knowing there is nobody else (quite exactly) like you. Identical twins are not exactly … identical: even though their genetic material is identical (or let’s just assume it is – in fact, it may have slight variations), they do not share the exact same experiences and therefore are not exactly identical.

The Snowflake Effect is not about how we grow to be our specific selves, though. It is about how technology now makes it possible to personalize our experiences to an extent that is substantially different from anything we’ve experienced until now.

Imagine a world where music, food, travel, clothes, … can all be tailored to your personal needs and wishes. We’ve always assumed that such a world isn’t possible except for the outrageously privileged. Well… what if the impossible isn’t?

Thanks to the excellent care of Eileen Clegg, you can see and listen to a podcast with Jim Spohrer, Eileen, Wayne and myself on this topic. Yes, “see and listen”: Eileen does Great Visualizations – mapofthefuture looks very promising! (Takes a while to load – the interactive visual is worth it – I’m SO excited to see things that are “different”!)

More to come – stay tuned!


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  1. Sky (Jim) Schuyler / Jun 1 2007 9:54 am

    You (anyone) can find the visual with the “snowflake strategy” top-center at – – – run your cursor over “Snowflake Strategy” and then click – then play Wayne’s audio description from the audio conference call. If you have time, check the other parts of the map while you’re there.

    Keep in mind that the navigation on this map is experimental – it gets better on the second and subsequent maps – so bear with us as we develop this technique.

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