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3 May 2007 / erikduval

On the life of a researcher

Can’t help sharing this gem: Serge Abiteboul (INRIA, France) will share some of his thoughts on academia at the SIGMOD2007 Ph.D. Workshop
on Innovative Database Research

Here is his abstract:

I will mention some minor problems of life in academia: getting papers accepted, getting grants, getting evaluated all the time, dealing with unstable colleagues, handling too demanding students, getting overwhelmed by work in a hostile environment, email harassment and more that I will have thought of by the time of the talk. More precisely, I will speak of the beauty of life in academia.

I am doing a related workshop on “How do you know if your research is successful? And why should it matter? For you?” at the ProLearn Summer School later this month. Thanks to Serge, I now have plenty of topics to address! Maybe you want to share some of your ideas in the comments or by email?


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  1. Iris / May 3 2007 12:07 pm

    That’s sounds great, can you please post any link to the recording of the workshops and their resources or if not available write down your summary of them?


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