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28 June 2007 / erikduval

Video exploding

At the Diverse conference, it seems to me that the use of video for learning is exploding – and I am SO glad it finally does… That should allow us to finally move beyond words on the screen as the dominant paradigm for learning and get more exciting stuff on those screens!

This afternoon, a panel was discussing barriers to the use of video. One such barrier is the difficulty to find out what is available. Interesting that his is still a problem 🙂 Everyone seemed to agree that metadata (librarian style, automatically generated or folksonomy style) is crucial to solve this issue. Beyond finding relevant stuff, the teacher may need support to actually do something useful with it. (Notably, nobody mentioned that students may be able to take care of that part themselves…)

For reasons that I don’t quite understand, almost everybody seems uncomfortable with storing his video material in youTube or blip or the like. In my view, it would make more sense and enable faster progress and more impact if we build on these basic services and focus more on how we could add value. Actually, what do you think we should add to these services to make them more relevant for learning? I’d like to know…

(And now I need to prepare for my keynote in an hour from now – I think you will be able to follow it on the conference web site.)



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  1. Maarten Cannaerts / Jun 28 2007 3:42 pm

    “Actually, what do you think we should add to these services to make them more relevant for learning? I’d like to know…”

    Video is only usable when you can send information next to the video stream, e.g. marking interesting bits on the timeline, adding notes (“pay attention to what this guy does here! This is relevant for xyz”).
    Also, people don’t like watching hours and hours of video, rather than use a small fragment – much comparable to our reuse of learning materials in general. Much more complicated in video, though…

  2. Gert-Jan / Jun 29 2007 9:35 am

    Good to have a conference in the country of Ansgar, near the roots of ‘old’ media:

  3. Erik / Jun 29 2007 11:26 am

    I’m not so sure that longer video without information next to the stream is not useful: lots of popular science series for instance are quite instructive – or at least they were for the 10 year old boy I was when I used to devour them… Or some of the Feynman lectures I’ve seen “on the web” were not without merit…

    The Ansgar video is hilarious: THANKS!

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