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29 June 2007 / erikduval

StreamTeam Snowflake

Before my keynote yesterday at the StreamTeam-Diverse conference, I played the “500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art” clip above. This video illustrates well some of the points I wanted to make about new forms of video based media, and new ways to deliver them.

In the keynote, I made some introductory remarks that referred back to the opening keynote that morning by Robyn Smith. I strongly disagreed with her statement that there is nothing wrong with learning – the effect we have after 6+6+5 years of formal school and university training is often quite limited and the process isn’t very efficient at all! I did agree with her though that we need to “increase student freedom to control their own learning”!

Just in the 24 hours before my talk, the BBC announced that its iPlayer for download of its programming will launch on July 27. And MySpaceTV was announced, as a challenge to YouTube. Seems clear that there is lots happening in video space 🙂

I illustrated the Snowflake Effect with Among its nice features: will convert from and to many formats, you can attach a creative commons license, there is one-click publishing to blogs, etc. And I also mentioned that we may be about to see the advent of new video-like media, like the attention tv, which allows you to watch what your friends are browsing…

As I mentioned yesterday, there is a lot of video related innovation: yesterday I heard about ScienceLive, StreamTeam, VideoActive – if you have any suggestions in this space, then I’d love to hear from you!


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  1. Rolim / Jun 29 2007 4:17 pm

    Beautiful! it´s amazing how a Renoir´s (my favorite) has a gently way to paint, you can see it clearly at this video…

    I founded that video at weshow odds videos channel, there´s a lot of great stuff in there!

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