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26 July 2007 / erikduval

Snow during my Summer Break

Ten minutes ago, my Summer Break started… As always, there were a gazillion things to take care of before leaving. And I think I actually did take care of all those things that couldn’t wait until I return in about three weeks from now. I am now the proud owner of an empty inbox 🙂 !

my empty inbox

(Note that I only have email folders for archives – I don’t use the folder structure to indicate what the messages are about, but I already explained that “everything is miscellaneous” kind of approach before.)

My one and only priority the next three weeks is My Family – not to compensate them for my lack of presence during the year, but rather to indulge myself in their presence.

As we drive down to Tuscany, I will be contemplating what I achieved last year and what I want to achieve next year. Much on my mind will be the theme of the Snowflake Effect, a theme that my Fabulous Friend Wayne and myself have blogged about, keynoted on, talked about over dinners and many a glass of wine.

Over the past weeks, we have quietly launched a wiki site on the idea of the Snowflake Effect. You will notice that this is still pretty rough, and some important stuff will be added while I am away, but the very early draft of a paper (looks like it may become more a book than a paper!) on Snowflake is there. It’s a wiki. You are invited to edit, comment, add, discuss. We want your suggestions: what is not clear? what should be elaborated? what should be shortened? what should be added? removed? do you have additional examples? additional pointers for examples that we already mention? Whatever: leave your comments here or on the wiki. I do hope that there will be a lot of snow falling this summer…

And now, please excuse me: I want to go contemplate my empty Inbox some more 😉


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