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25 August 2007 / erikduval

Back and ECTEL07 update

Have been back at work for a week or so now. Catching up with email and other things….

Many of us find it a bit challenging to re-start. There are the email messages to catch up with, there is the to do-list you kept adding stuff to weeks ago as you realised it wouldn’t get done before you left, there are the Solemn Promises to work more effectively and efficiently you made to yourself while you were taking time off, … I’d be VERY interested in YOUR strategies to get going again: you can leave them in the comments here or send them to me directly.

One of my first Big Events is the Second European Conference on Technology Enhanced Learning in three weeks from now. Deadline for Early Bird Registration is next Monday, August 27! We have just launched the EC-TEL blog and will be looking for your input (questions to the keynoters, a science fiction contest, …)!



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  1. Martin / Aug 25 2007 9:28 pm

    Concerning catching up with email, I was quite impressed by David Wiley’s strategy last year which went as follows:

    “Thank you for your message. I am currently on my summer vacation from
    email. I will not be reading any messages sent between August 5 and
    August 28. Ever. If your message is important, please send it again
    AFTER August 28.”

    Sounds pretty convincing for me šŸ˜‰

  2. Hans / Aug 26 2007 12:36 pm

    David Allen’s book: Getting Things Done was in some way liberating for me…

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