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12 September 2007 / erikduval

What Went Wrong Workshop

The papers and program for the What Went Wrong Workshop at ECTEL07 are available.

There will be three longer presentations and four more personal reflections on the theme of learning from failure. I am not sure why, but, this year, almost all the contributions came from the UK. I wonder if there is some sort of cultural sensitivity to sharing stories of failure that would play stronger outside the UK? Or maybe Su and Hugh, our UK co-organizers, are more connected or better at reassuring the participants we will not just make fun of their dirty laundry?

In any case, the meme of “learning from failure” seems to catch on – via Maarten comes this blogpost about “Web 2.0 What Went Wrong“.

Of course, I’d love to hear your stories of failure, and what you learned from them. Leave them in the comments section, send them to me directly, or come share them in Crete at the workshop next week!

Late addition: the meme is catching on: lifehack has a nice post on how to fail at practically anything. I certainly agree with this bit:

Failure is the most important learning tool we humans have at our disposal. But if we merely accept failure and move on, we may as well not have failed at all. Instead, we should embrace our failures, milking them for everything they’re worth. Ask yourself what you can take away from your failures, what you’re being given by them.


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