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21 November 2007 / erikduval

LOM re-synch

Fresh from the LOM mailing list:

There has been quite a bit of activity of late in LOM space:

  • As LOM is now about 5 years old, the reaffirmation process to re-confirm the standard has been initiated.
  • The work om the LOM corrigenda was concluded in June. Some documentation can be found at and the drafting of the “official” IEEE document is underway.
  • A new PAR (the “official” document that starts projects at IEEE) for mapping LOM to the abstract Dublin Core model is being drafted in the DCMI-LTSC task force. More details at
  • Over the last year or so, there has been quite a bit of discussion on how we want to make LOM evolve over the longer term. The time has come to consolidate that discussion, gather requirements and start thinking about how to meet those.

We will re-start a series of open, regular, synchronous discussions in order to first bring everybody up-to-date on these activities and then to progress the work. THESE MEETINGS ARE OPEN TO ALL. Feel free to forward this announcement to anyone that might be interested.

The first such meeting will take place on Monday 26 November, at 17h00 UTC (see for instance to map this to your local time!)

We will use the flashmeeting system for such meetings as they enable anyone with a browser to participate – there are no costs involved! If you have sound, then you can hear what is being said. If you can see video, then you can see participants with a camera. If you have a microphone, then you can speak to the other participants. If you have a webcam, then other participants can see you. In any case, you can use the chat facility. And: the meeting will be recorded and can be viewed afterwards by anyone. More details about flashmeeting at

The meeting next Monday will take place at

It might be useful to inform us via the mailing list or by email to me directly if you plan to participate – that helps to set expectations and I can try to help if you experience problems connecting. If you can’t participate, but would like to send comments or questions to the group, then feel free to post them on the mailing list or send them to me directly. There will be regular such virtual meetings from now on and we can discuss the use of other tools for collaboration, either next week at the meeting or via the mailing list.

Looking forward to discuss All Things LOM next week!



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  1. Daniel Lemire / Nov 22 2007 1:52 am

    Because I am a daring individual, I will ask why you don’t start with a LOM_WWrong meeting.

    (Don’t take it the wrong way.)

  2. Daniel Lemire / Nov 22 2007 1:52 am

    Ooops. Should be LOM_WWWrong.

  3. Erik / Nov 24 2007 4:12 pm

    Thanks for the suggestions, Daniel. I REALLY would love to hear more stories about what went wrong when folks try to deploy LOM. REALLY!

    This is actually one of the topics we will explicitly discuss next Monday…

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