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22 January 2008 / erikduval

My O My: Mimoa

At the MACE meeting today, two architects presented MIMOA.


This is a really nice application that fills a very specific need: when you travel somewhere, how do you find out whether there is any worthwhile modern architecture building to visit? Will the building be open for visitors? From when until when? Where exactly is it?

As the people behind this initiative write:

MIMOA was born out of personal frustration. Never to be able to find the right addresses of the most recent Modern Architecture when you set out to choose and prepare a city-trip; hours of aimlessly flipping through hundreds of dusty architecture magazines that do not even include addresses in their glossy stories; inconsistent websites; no comprehensive, easy to compare, all in one glance overview of the latest developments in a certain city…
Just imagine the struggle non-architects must have.

So, in July 2006 we decided to make all this ourselves. In January 2007 we had the first page online. In September 2007 MIMOA 1.0 is launched. Have fun!

MIMOA is all based on user contributions. It so well illustrates the concept that systems that scratch where it itches for you as a developer or designer get it right most of the time. This application addresses the needs of a very specific community, a sort of “long tail” of tourism – for those who travel to see modern architecture buildings. That a few people can come together and “just go build” is what I find so exciting about much of what we do these days…

note: the picture is from the Glaspaleis (glass palace) in … Heerlen, where we had the meeting! MIMOA does make it easy to find noteworthy buildings in a city you’re visiting!


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  1. Jordi / Dec 4 2008 8:55 pm

    A very similar site, althought simpler, is Urbarama ( It’s a Web 2.0 Atlas of Architecture and it’s not restricted to Europe neither to ‘modern’ architecture. It comes with an API and projects come with an ’embed’ feature to display projects in blogs or websites a la youtube.

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