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28 January 2008 / erikduval


Next week, three of my PhD. students are defending their theses: on Tuesday, Jehad Najjar will defend in public his thesis on “Learning Object Metadata: An Empirical Investigation and Lessons Learned”. Katrien Verbert will defend her thesis on “An Architecture and Framework for Flexible Reuse of Learning Object Components” on Thursday. And on Friday, Stefaan Ternier will privately defend his thesis on “Standards based Interoperability for Searching in and Publishing to Learning Object Repositories”.

Of course, we can’t just let these events take place without taking advantage of them to organize … yet another event! In fact, we want to make use of this opportunity to look forward and start a discussion on metadata2.0. From the announcement of the workshop:

Current metadata standards (DC, LOM, MPEG, …) are all based on early work inn the mid 1990’s. In the mean time, technology has advanced and some or many of the assumptions that held 17 years ago may no longer be so relevant…

That doesn’t detract from the huge success that these standards have realised: there are probably many millions of DC, LOM or MPEG instances. Yet, there is probably orders of magnitude more metadata that does not conform to these standards. And, the interoperability between the DC, LOM and MPEG world remains quite complex. Consequently, their application domains remain too disconnected.

In this workshop, we will reconsider how metadata could be generated, managed and put to use. We believe that the current standards and technologies will remain dominant for at least 3 to 5 years. The workshop will consider a longer-term perspective, and consider approaches, paradigmas, techniques and technologies that could enable a more unified, flexible, modular and versatile metadata world in 2010 and beyond.

We have a terrific set of speakers and I am sure that this will be a really interesting event. You are welcome in Leuven (20 minutes from Brussels airport) or online (more details shortly) – there is more info on the logistics.

We will try to record as much of what happens as possible, so hope there will be a good trace after the event. In any case, this is the beginning of a conversation that will not be finished any time soon, so I’m sure that we will have another opportunity to exchange ideas…


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  1. Mikael Nilsson / Jan 28 2008 6:28 pm

    Sorry I can’t be there…. and good luck!

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