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12 March 2008 / erikduval

Open Parliament

It seems difficult to me to disagree with this plea:

Citizens and stakeholder groups should not have to use the software of a single company in order to communicate with their elected officials or participate in the legislative process.

All companies should be given the chance to compete freely for contracts to supply ICT services to the European Parliament.

I am a citizen of the EU, and I want the European Parliament to adopt the use of open standards and to promote interoperability in the ICT sector.

More details at the Open Parliament web site. The full petition confuses interoperability (which is the key issue in my opinion) with open source (which is much less relevant in my opinion) – but not to the extent that I would have hesitated to sign up.

Another quote I wholeheartedly agree with:

The European Parliament clearly recognises the role of interoperability in promoting innovation and competition, and on improving user choice, while reducing technological and industrial risks as well as dependencies.

Maybe someone should start a similar initiative in my own university 😉 …


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