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26 March 2008 / erikduval

3:23 on the Snowflake Effect – in Dutch

As a member of the Scientific Technical Council of the SURF Foundation in The Netherlands, I have the privilege to collaborate on a trend report (web site to be launched) about how ICT can innovate higher education.

My contribution on the Snowflake Effect was grouped under the position statement that “differentiation in educational methods, learning approaches and the use of ICT improve the quality and effectiveness of education”. (Hard to argue with that position, I think?)

I try to explain the essence of the Snowflake Effect in 3 mins 23 secs – sorry for waiving my hands so much: as my teachers said 30 years ago, I DO need to learn to sit still…


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  1. Maarten / Mar 27 2008 10:48 pm

    dank je wel voor de link – interessant verhaal, mooi concept… blijf me afvragen waarom het zo complex blijft deze toch wel evidente verbeteringen in onze leeromgevingen in te bouwen. Privacy aspecten lijken me alvast een belangrijk aandachtspunt (of laten we al onze studenten hele reeksen disclaimers intikken wat we voor wat gebruiken, met wie delen…)

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