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12 June 2008 / erikduval

Visually social

I am always interested in novel approaches for more flexible access to learning material. Two such approaches that have been studied quite extensively the last five years or more are social information retrieval techniques (tagging, social bookmarking, …) and information visualization.

So, of course, we are looking at ways to combine these two techniques, as in our visualization of del.icio.ius bookmarks and tags. Basically, our tool allows you to dynamically explore tags and users and how they overlap.

A short video explains the basic process, which is a bit hard to do in words, as it is quite dynamic and visual. Even better, you can try this for yourself, with your own data! And then you can help us with our research by filling in a short questionnaire on your experience. Of course, you can also leave your comments here.

We really don’t want to be stuck with the same old command line interface-like google approach to things for the next 20 years, do we?

BTW, I’d be very grateful for any pointers to other research on this topic: please do send them to me or leave them in the comments below so other readers can find out about them too!


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  1. Daniel Lemire / Jun 12 2008 8:58 pm

    Here are some pointers to my own work.

    This first paper takes the ideas of visualization, collaboration and business intelligence, and it mashes them up:

    Kamel Aouiche, Daniel Lemire, Robert Godin, Collaborative OLAP with Tag Clouds: Web 2.0 OLAP Formalism and Experimental Evaluation, WEBIST 2008, 2008.

    The second paper is for Computer Science nerds… how do you draw large tag clouds so that you can express relationships between tags, and optimize the layout so that you can browse it efficiently… the paper takes a theoretical/computational approach to the problem:

    Owen Kaser and Daniel Lemire, Tag-Cloud Drawing: Algorithms for Cloud Visualization. In proceedings of Tagging and Metadata for Social Information Organization (WWW 2007), 2007.

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